Oh, Money! Money!

Las summer, Kolaj Institute launched an art residency to produce a new illustrated edition of Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor H. Porter. I had the pleasure of collaborating alongside a group of international artists to give a modern interpretation to this long-forgotten novel.

The book explores many social issues around money and status, dynasty and poverty, even female participation in the labor force!

Some of the pieces I worked on are shown below. The book contains other works that I worked in collaboration with Alice Halpin, Elijah Guerra and Susan Silva. Other artists who participated in the project are Amanda Lynch, G.E. Vogt, Indira Govindan, Jimena Murabito and Mary Johnson.

The story takes place in the early 20th century, somewhere in the US east coast where a millionaire bachelor sets out a plot to bequest his fortune to some distant relatives. Initially, he gives them 200K each, and then travels incognito to their town to see how they handle the newly acquired riches. His plan is to give out everything to whoever proves to succeed at this unusual test of character.

To know more about the residency and to purchase the book, check out the website of the Kolaj Institute.

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