The Captive

This poem was conceived in a dream, it is an allegory of a spiritual or psychological state.

The Captive

The crowd in anguish
tries to convince her
don’t jump
The crowd tries and twinges
O crowd of useless sensibilities
The lady’s hair is seeped in tears
and her nightgown in sweat
and the nectars of love
she reconsiders
she screams she’s captive
tortured and raped
only death can quench her suffering
she stutters
and no one understands
the suffering of being misunderstood
she reconsiders
leaves the balcony and into the flat
exits and rushes downstairs
exits the tower and into a stranger
asks for a restroom
she is taken
and washes her shame away
she reconsiders
walks back into the tower
rushes upstairs and into the flat
the guardian greets her
with indifferent stare
his arms could strangle a dog
and his gypsy eyes could foresee
that dogs return even without leash
so she enters the bedroom
the executioner awaits
no shower no shave
for all of his sentence
his stench attests
his rags attest
and he rapes her once more
she reconsiders

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